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Safety doesn’t happen by accident

At Precision IBC we make great strides to create a safe work environment for our employees. We provide our team of IBC experts with the education, training and necessary tools and equipment to prevent on-site accidents and injuries. As a result of this responsibility, Precision IBC has established “Precision Safe” as the ultimate benchmark for safety promotion.

When you see the “Precision Safe” seal on any of our IBCs, take comfort in knowing that it comes from a place where safety is a #1 priority. And while our goal is to always strive to be a zero accident culture, we feel that is not enough. Our greater mission is to encourage everyone whom we do business with – from suppliers to customers – to also embrace the importance of a safe work environment. The “Precision Safe” seal represents the inherent value that safety is not an idea, but rather a mission we are all aiming to achieve.

All of our IBCs that carry the “Precision Safe” seal meet a standard of safety, security and performance before ever reaching our customers. And thus, a stainless steel IBC from Precision IBC gives you maximum peace of mind when shipping, handling or storing your valuable product.

Can you spot the snake in this sling?

It’s important to pay attention and take safety precautions anywhere around a warehouse.

Fire Safety and Composite IBCs


The Flammable and Combustible Liquids Code – NFPA 30 – published by the National Fire Protection Association provides safeguards to reduce the hazards associated with the storage, handling and use of flammable and combustible liquids.

When composite IBCs containing these hazardous liquids are stored together in warehouses or other facilities, they can cause dangerous pool fires as can be seen in the above video. There are two ways these type of fire hazards can occur:

  1. Exposure of combustible and flammable liquids. When IBCs containing flammable or combustible liquids fail, they can release a large pool of these liquids. If ignited, the extreme heat release rates can over power most fire sprinkler systems. This hazard exists regardless of how the IBC is constructed. To learn more about composite IBC fire safety, please visit the National Fire Protection Association website.
  2. For over-the-road transportation of your products, please refer to the DOT “Table of Hazardous Materials and Special Provisions” (§172.101), which references Special Provision for the applicable product. Simply look the product up in the Table and it will direct you to the proper SP for that product/IBC combination to ensure your packaging solutions are met.




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