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Side Discharge

Stainless Steel IBC - Side Discharge

250 gallon ibc container - stainless steel 350 gallon ibc container + 550 gallon ibc 550 gallon ibc containers

Precision IBCs Intermediate Bulk Containers are the perfect liquid handling solution for your application. Our standard 42”x48” base IBC tank comes with a sloped bottom allowing for virtually 100% discharge. The standard base combined with lifting lugs/leg positioners allows for safely stacking different size IBCs to help you save on space.


  • UN/DOT certified (31A) IBC tanks
  • Packaging group II and III materials per Title 49 CFR
  • 1.9 Specific Gravity
  • Type 304 Stainless Steel IBC
  • Sloped bottom for virtual 100% discharge
  • 22" top manway with EPDM gaskets and bolted clamp ring
  • 3" top fill fitting with fusible cap and lanyard
  • 2" top bung fitting
  • 2" bottom discharge with lockable stainless steel ball valve
  • Poly shipping plug
  • Stainless steel IBC data plate
  • Heavy duty lifting lugs/leg positioners
  • Safety decals
  • Forklift and stacking capability


  • New and reconditioned stainless steel IBC tanks available
  • Fork pockets, anti-teeter bars and heavy duty marine lugs are available upon request
  • Type 316 Stainless Steel IBC
  • Camlock adapter and dust cap
  • Fire Safe Valve - SP 12412 Compliant
Capacity Base Height Tare Weight Specs
126 Gallon 42" x 48" 27" 265 lbs
165 Gallon 42" x 48" 30" 325 lbs
250 Gallon 42" x 48" 40" 390 lbs
350 Gallon 42" x 48" 51" 475 lbs
550 Gallon 42" x 48" 75" 640 lbs
Part Number Description
L1197A 22" stainless steel manway cover with Rieke vent
L1198 22" stainless steel manway cover raised center, flat
L1196B 22" stainless steel manway cover with 3" nipple
1015 22" Clamp Ring - Stainless Steel
1035 2" Poly Rieke Bung Plug
1037 2" bung plug, plated carbon steel
stainless steel 350 gallon ibc container

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