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For additional savings, check out our excellent reconditioned IBC tote tanks. Stainless steel and Poly IBCs are clean, inspected, and UN/DOT tested, complete with retest certificate.

Life is full of unexpected events and no one can predict every risk to their business. But one thing is certain; every individual and business has the responsibility to address steps in order to minimize hazards. We realize there are multiple packaging options available when shipping and storing sensitive products. However, the reality is that some choices are more responsible than others.

Precision IBCs commitment is to provide the safest & most secure reconditioned IBC tanks in the industry, minimizing the risks for our customers.

What is Precision Certified Safe?

Our customers have placed significant focus on the quality and security of our reconditioned IBC tanks that carry their products on our seas, highways and railways. In response to this increased responsibility, Precision IBC has identified its stainless steel IBCs as “Precision Certified” Safe.

The “Precision Certified” safety seal recognizes the inherent value and performance of the Stainless Steel IBC. All of our IBCs that carry the “Precision Certified” safety seal meet a standard of security and performance that exceeds plastic “one-way” composite IBCs or other materials available. A stainless steel IBC with our tamper evident solution gives you maximum peace of mind when shipping or storing your valuable product.

Look for the “Precision Certified” safety seal and have complete confidence that your product is in the safest, most secure IBC available.

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