Poly IBC Tote Tanks

Our poly IBC tote tank product line includes ECOdry Flowmaster, Megatainer, Ultratainer, and Square Stackable IBCs.

poly ibc tote tank

ECOdry Flowmaster Poly IBC Tote Tank

ECOdry Flowmaster tanks are designed especially for dry flowables such as powders, flakes, pellets, coffee, tea, and granules. They eliminate the need for bags, drums, boxes and waste. Each poly IBC tote tank is forkliftable and stackable.

550 gallon megatainer - poly tote tank

Megatainer® Poly IBC Tote Tank

The Megatainer is the industry’s largest all poly IBC. This poly tote tank can house hazardous and non-hazardous liquids up to 550 gallons.

ultratainer ibc - poly tote tank

Ultratainer Poly IBC Tote Tank

Unique cylindrical poly IBC tote tank design eliminates corners, ribs and seams and lends itself well to mixing and cleaning operations. The Ultratainer IBC is also available with a 20” wide mouth lid opening.

square stackable - poly tote tank

Square Stackable Poly IBC Tote Tank

The Square Stackable is the industry’s best selling, all poly IBC providing value in long term, reusable applications for both hazardous and non hazardous liquids. Designed for easy, safe handling, the Square Stackable all poly IBC is available in both heavy duty and premium options.

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