IBC Testing Requirements

Requirements for Retest and Inspection of IBCs

Per 49 CFR 180.352 (f), the owner or lessee of an IBC must keep records of periodic retests, initial and periodic inspections, and tests performed on the IBC if it has been repaired. Records must include tank design type and packaging specification, test and inspection date, name and address of test and inspection facility, name(s) of any persons conducting test or inspection, and test or inspection specifics and results. Records must be kept for each packaging specification at each location where periodic tests are conducted until such tests are successfully performed again or for at least 2 1/2 years from the date of the last test. These records must be made available for inspection by a representative of the Department of Transportation upon request. IBCs not conforming to the external inspection, internal inspection, pressure, or the thickness tests must be removed from hazardous materials transportation until restored to the original design type.

Internal pressure test of 2.9 PSIG every 30 months (2.5 years)

  • All seams and joints coated with solution (soap) to detect leaks.
  • All vents plugged or blocked.
  • Pressure to be maintained for sufficient time to detect leaks.
  • Composite units need not be disassembled if test results not affected.

External visual inspection every 30 months (2.5 years)

  • IBC is marked in accordance with requirements.
  • Service equipment (lids, gaskets, plugs, gauges) is in place and in working order.
  • IBCs that are cracked or warped, corroded, dented or damaged in any other way which makes unit unsafe for transportation must be repaired prior to going back into service. (Remove inner bottle on composite units for inspection. Remove insulation from metal IBCs for inspection.)

Internal inspection every 5 years

  • IBCs that are cracked or warped, corroded, dented or damaged in any way that makes unit unsafe for transportation must be repaired prior to going back into service.
  • Metal IBCs must be inspected for minimum wall thickness.
  • Metal IBCs not meeting minimum thickness must be removed from service.
  • Replace or repair missing, damaged or difficult to read markings.
  • Any coverings, such as thermal insulation, must be removed if it prevents a proper inspection.

Repair Requirements

  • Repaired unit must conform to original design type and meet original test requirements.
  • Pass required leak test.
  • Comply with internal and external test requirements.
  • Inner body of rigid plastic or composite IBC may not be repaired.
  • Outer structure may be repaired as long as it conforms to original design type and meets original test requirements.

Retest date marked on data plate

Per 49 CFR 173.32 (e) (3), the date of the most recent periodic retest must be marked on the tanks, on or near the metal certification plate.

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 IBC Testing Requirements

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