Bulk Bags

A Safe, Convenient and Affordable Answer to Bulk Storage

Bulk Bags

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Precision Proline, formerly Proline Systems, Inc, rents reusable and returnable bulk bags for offshore drilling, chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries.

With over 100 years of offshore and land drilling expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to customize a bulk system for a number of challenging applications. The complete Precision Proline System is designed to eliminate waste and disposal problems, prevent worker injuries caused by lifting and cutting 50 lb sacks, and reduce exposure to dust and particles.

Once the bulk bags are emptied, just send them back to us where we inspect, clean, repair (if needed), and prepare it for another cycle. When properly cared for, our bulk bags will be in service for many years and experience several hundred-trip cycles.

Our Environmental and EcoDry bulk bags are reusable and fully capable of holding a volume of 50 ft3 or 4000 lb which is the safe working limit of dry materials. This effectively can replace the 50 lb paper sack systems.

In addition, they can protect the dry materials from water and other elements, with no harmful deterioration as compared to the disposable bags.


  • SAVE SPACE - Waterproof bulk bags are the cornerstone of our complete system. These bags are capable of being lifted by crane or forklift and are watertight and dust free. The empty bags collapse to 1/20 of their full volume size (32 lb) which allows for compact shipping to the filling points of origin.
  • REDUCE WASTE - The products are packaged without any paper sacks or shrink-wrap. Therefore there is no waste to dispose of. You will save money because our waterproof bags protect leftover material, keeping them ready for your next job.
  • REDUCE INJURIES - The active mud systems on deepwater rigs can range from 15,000 to 25,000 barrels, which requires large amounts of chemicals additions on a daily basis. Our system virtually eliminates the potential for lifting injuries by eliminating 50 lb or 100 lb bags. Dust inhalation is drastically reduced since the products are already bagged and do not need to be cut open and the contents dumped into a hopper.

Bulking System

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  • Enviro Bags
  • Trash Bags
  • Tread Protector
  • Spreader Bar
  • Bag Rack
  • Hoppers
  • Customized Bulk
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Precision Proline has developed and patented a bulking system to accommodate a wide range of applications:

pallets of 50 lb sacks

Pallets of 50 lb sacks need to be lifted, ripped open and disposed. With today's rigs having 15,000 - 25,000-bbl capacities, this can be a huge volume of daily chemical additions that expose these workers to dust and injury.

disposable bulk bags

Disposable bulk bags are not waterproof and require a plastic inner liner and pallet shrink-wrap bag, which is a lot of waste. After 30 days in harmful UV rays the bags are no longer good.

reusable bulk bags

Precision Proline bags are constructed of a nylon weave then coated with PVC vinyl. Our bags are strong, affordable, reusable and can remain in the sun without damage to the bags and the contents for extended periods of time.

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