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Renting is a popular option that provides greater flexibility and cost savings to you. Our IBC rental program is designed to save you money and guarantee that you have the right IBC and accessory when you need it.

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  • Terms that fit your requirements
  • Stable packaging costs
  • Maximize equipment utilization while keeping your fleet up-to-date
  • Large inventory and stocking locations across the country to always be able to fit your demands
  • Replacement part delivery, testing and minor repairs 24/7
  • Excellent safety metrics with our Precision Safe commitment

Four Reasons Renting Works to Your Advantage

1. Product Flexibility

Renting from Precision IBC means you will never own expensive, obsolete equipment and you will always have the right container available for your application.

2. Budgetary Considerations

Rental payments are not affected by changes in interest rates or fluctuations in material costs. From a purely economic standpoint, renting your equipment from Precision IBC makes perfect sense: You can plan with accuracy. For example, renting a stainless steel 550 gallon IBC from Precision IBC costs about 10ยข per gallon per month.

3. Preserve Capital

Our rental program ensures that you do not have expensive, underutilized assets wasting space and costing you money. More importantly, you maintain a healthy bottom line from a company profitability point of view. There is no minimum and no maximum quantity required. Simply return the IBCs clean and in good condition.

4. Outstanding Service

You can expect the highest level of customer service from our knowledgeable and friendly team. Let us help you find an IBC solution that best suits your needs. We are available 24/7 so you will have the right product at the right price, right on time.

The Precision Safe IBC Rental Advantage

  • Safest, most secure package in the industry
  • Stable packaging cost, no material fluctuations
  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • UN/DOT certified equipment
  • Tamper evident options
  • Easily identifiable and trackable
  • Multiple shipping/receiving locations
  • 24/7 service
  • Lower cost per gallon
  • Ability to preserve capital
  • Maximize utilization and optimization of fleet
  • Ability to update IBC fleet to new containers
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