Offshore IBC Tanks

Precision IBC has stainless steel and poly IBCs and equipment for all your offshore application needs.

offshore stainless steel tanks - side discharge

Stainless Steel IBC - Side Discharge

Our Stainless Steel Side Discharge IBC tanks have a 42”x48” base and have heavy duty lifting lugs allowing for a top a lift using a sling. They come in tank sizes of 126, 165, 250, 350, and 550 gallons.

offshore stainless steel tanks - center discharge

Stainless Steel IBC - Center Discharge

Our Stainless Steel Center Discharge IBC tanks provide all the same benefits as our standard stainless steel side discharge tanks, but come in tank sizes of 250, 350, 550, and 793 gallons.

offshore poly tanks

Poly IBC - Ultratainer

If your application is not compatible with stainless steel tote tanks, Precision IBC also offers the Poly IBC Ultratainer. With its retractable lifting lugs, the Ultratainer is an excellent option for offshore IBC applications.

wire rope sling


Whether you need to transfer an IBC to a boat or platform Precision IBC has the right sling to get the job done. Our standard four leg wire rope sling is corrosion resistant and perfect for offshore use in the Gulf of Mexico.

offshore ibc container carriers

Offshore IBC Carriers

Are you looking for an IBC carrier? Precision has a carrier designed for the rigors of offshore use. With design that can hold up to 15 different IBCs and a built in drip pan, Precision IBC’s carrier gives you the flexibility to transport almost any type of IBC.

bulk bags for offshore

Bulk Bags

With over 100 years of offshore and land drilling expertise, we have the knowledge and experience to customize a bulk system for your application. Our cost efficient, reusable and returnable bulk bags are designed to save space, reduce waste, and prevent worker injuries.

offshore ibc container tracking

IBC Tracking

Learn how we can help you keep track of your IBCs while increasing revenues and maintaining your fleet under strict testing and regulatory requirements. Our system works with smartphones, tablets and
rugged handheld scanners.

offshore ibc tote tanks

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