Our website has become so popular, even our competitors are reading it! In fact, one competitor recently complained that our PRECISION CERTIFIED SAFE commitment has given us an unfair advantage. While our commitment is straightforward, here's what we want you to understand every time you see PRECISION CERTIFIED SAFE: First, know that our stainless steel IBCs have inherent value and performance qualities that exceed plastic "one-way" composite IBCs or other materials. Next, we want you to know that PRECISION is 100% committed to providing you the very best tanks and service available so you can be confident that your products are being shipped safely and securely, NO MATTER WHAT! It's that simple. That's all we want you to think, all we've ever wanted you to think, when you see PRECISION CERTIFIED SAFE. In fact, it's all you really need to know. PRECISION CERTIFIED SAFE: Safe, Secure Stainless Steel Tanks and Service.

Finally, we appreciate your business. We know you have options. Like Precision, all our competitors offer UN/DOT compliant tanks, yet you’ve chosen us to be your one stop source for IBC rental, sales and fleet management. For that, we are very grateful. Learn more about Precision IBC.

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